Student Administration System and Learning Environment

Integrates the resourcefulness of an open source student/school administration system, with Google’s Classroom and G Suite applications. It unleashes the true potential of Classroom allowing institutions to easily create multiple courses and sections while keeping control of student enrollments, invoicing, and academic records.

We are able to deal with any institutional environment: online, classroom, and blended. Whether you have a large o small school to run let SASLE handle the burden of your students, classes, and important records.

See what SASLE can do for your school!

Lower Operating Costs

In IT labor/infrastructure and academic planning efficiencies.

Real-Time Information

Keep students updated, informed, and connected.

Digital Record Keeping

Students upload their records and are stored for retrieval.

Online Registration and Online Payments

Easy interfaces for payments and student self-registration of courses.

Customized Reporting & Statistics

Keep relevant information accessible and reachable.

Control User Privileges

Set access levels according to institutional priorities and needs.

Classroom and Event Booking

Easily assign rooms and resolve booking conflicts. Schedule events in the calendar.

Accounting System Integration

Integrate student billing data and account ledger information to your existing accounting software.

Human Resources Management

Establish pay scales, job titles, and timesheets for all your employees.

Manage Multiple Locations

See different buildings, rooms, schools, and locations.

Integrated Help Desk

Keep track and respond to your users problems.

Create & Manage Course

SASLE resolves long standing problems and inefficiencies that we currently experience with our LMS system.

- John Peters

Really easy to create new course sections.

- Mary Johnson

Students are able to do everything in one system with one log-in.

- Steve Mash

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